Body painting et héros Marvel : hallucinant !

Hello les Roses ! On vous parle aujourd’hui body painting et héros Marvel, et on choisit de couper court à tout préambule pour commencer cet article en images.

Body painting et héros Marvel Body painting et héros Marvel

Body painting et héros Marvel

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Vous pensez que ces visuels sont des illustrations Marvel tout ce qu’il y a  de plus classique dans le monde de la 2D ? Eh bien il est temps pour nous de vous dire POISSON D’AVRIL parce que vous vous êtes bien faites avoir ! Entre body painting et héros Marvel, on décide à l’unanimité de donner la palme du meilleur poisson d’avril à cette maquilleuse incroyable.

Body painting et héros Marvel

Oui oui, c’est un truc de dingue : il s’agit d’une femme qui recrée directement sur son propre corps les personnages Marvel avec un talent et un savoir-faire absolument bluffants. Vous avez un doute ? Oui, on vous comprend. Alors, juste pour vous, petite séquence  vidéo qui fait tout drôle.

Lady Death bodypaint from last Saturday on . Lady death is an interesting one. I picked her out of vanity, her super 90’s character design is so beautiful. You see lady death in so many different versions all glorious, strange and she’s everywhere! I always see Cosplayers and fanart of her and wanted my own glimpse into her world. This paint came out so pretty. I got a really nice video and quality has been improved as I did a home-brew lighting kit. The hair looks like smoke its so dramatic 😀 _______________ Paint Supplies are from @Sillyfarm , for 10% off and to show your love use KAYPIKE10 as a code Wig is a Matilda in Snow White from @Ardawigs with a long weft clipped in! 

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Elle s’appelle Kay Pike et on conviendra ensemble qu’elle a un talent de malade, maîtrisant parfaitement l’art du maquillage et de l’illusion d’optique. C’est dingue. Ça fait tout bizarre. On a du mal à y croire. Bref : c’est parfait pour un premier avril !

I Painted Red Skull last time on and I am painting again today around 1 MST Johann Shmidt has been created to be the most evil of evil villains, he is such a bad guy, his old origin story is the look in his eyes was so evil he became a no questions asked leader of hatred and violence. We all love to hate him and he inspired the quintessential comic « bad guy » I wanted to paint Red Skull as I am excited for Calgary Comic and entertainment expo! I want to come as a guest so please give em a holler on my behalf if you want me to be there being painted by @Lustredust or Painting myself and the other things I can do. If they decide they can’t use me as any sort of a talent, I’ll of course and always be in my home Booth, and will be bringing prints of my paints even if I can’t paint there. Wish me luck! That goes for any convention you want me at, they listen to the fans! Just give em a shout and most conventions are reasonable! 😀 This is by far the prettiest face I have made yet, its magically detailed with cool lighting 😀 The red in this paint is SO BRIGHT, anyone who has watched me on Twitch knows the struggles with primaries in bodypaints are really really REAL. 

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Alors les Roses, vous aussi ça vous laisse sans voix cette alliance entre body painting et héros Marvel ?  

Batman bodypaint from my last stream on and I am painting again today around 1MST so hope to see you there! I actually really like batman, specifically the Old TV show. I thought it was so uncanny that adults made a show where they act how children play with toys. One of my staples after elementary school. Maybe one day I’ll meet Adam West, a girl can bat-dream. All the Tim Burton Batmans had alot of influence over my love of super heroes too~ <3 This paint has the most beautiful face I could do, best so far in my opinion. I also used some little accessories I made of latex and craft foam. I really had alot of fun here, I specifically got the « Batslap » pose.. hahah, batman why you so abusive? have a look through that gallery there, Feel free to make your own photoshops, art is for sharing and enjoying. Really enjoying the FAB black paint I got from @sillyfarm I just put in an order for a pile more, you can tell in the face how well it controls. use my code KAYPIKE10 😀 the main colour is kryolan Aquacolour Blue 3, very rich. 

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Chouette poisson d’avril de fou de dingue de malade, pas vrai les Roses ?